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Are you looking for captivating content that teaches and motivates individuals to adopt new habits and make positive choices? Our team specialises in partnering with businesses and brands to craft powerful training videos that truly make an impact.

Make a Lasting Impression with a Training Video

The most effective way to facilitate learning is through stories. Throughout history, we have relied on stories to convey information and experiences. And when it comes to storytelling, there is no better medium than video, especially training videos.

At Explainer Videos, we specialise in creating training videos. We aim to provide our clients with engaging and informative videos to help them build their brand and increase customer trust. We also strive to make producing these videos as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Training Videos: Engage, Educate, and Elevate

Training videos are invaluable for learning new skills and gaining knowledge in specific tasks. These videos are particularly significant in corporations as they foster team building. By equipping employees with the necessary skills, training videos contribute to your business's overall growth and success.

To create effective training videos, a series of steps must be taken. This includes establishing attainable objectives, crafting the video's content, scripting the dialogue, mapping out the visual sequences, designing the aesthetics, implementing animation, and ultimately delivering the final product.

For Employees

Training videos are an effective tool for delivering precise instructions on specific work procedures.

Traditional written instructions, lacking visual aids, can often be difficult to comprehend fully.

However, instructional videos provide a solution to this problem and provide clear and comprehensive guidance on any given topic.

For Customers

Training videos also educate customers on a particular product or service.

Providing video tutorials allows customers to understand better how the product works and how to use it efficiently.

Training videos help build trust between companies and their customers, essential for any successful business.

For Orientation

Orientation training videos are invaluable for new hires. These videos can provide a comprehensive overview of company policies, rules, and procedures.

They also allow new employees to get familiar with the organisation's culture and philosophy.

Additionally, these videos help create an enjoyable onboarding experience that ultimately sets the tone for a positive long-term relationship between the employee and employer.

Safety Videos

Health and safety training is crucial for successful organizations. Effective communication of your company's plan to employees is vital.

Creating workplace training videos is a powerful way to achieve this. These videos cover important topics like workplace safety, procedures, office work safety, dangerous goods, and guidelines.

By utilising these videos, you can ensure your staff is well-informed and equipped to maintain a safe working environment.

Sales Training Videos

Sales training videos are highly effective for acquiring new skills and honing existing talent in sales. They inspire and alleviate challenges associated with this demanding profession.

Incorporating powerful training videos simplifies sales complexities. Visually engaging videos allow individuals to showcase creativity, captivating their audience and making the viewing experience enjoyable.

Product Tutorials / Demonstrations

Product tutorial videos are an effective way to educate customers about product usage and features.

By providing clear instructions, these videos help users quickly understand and maximize the product's potential. They are invaluable for customer education and can serve as persuasive sales tools for potential customers.

A Guided Approach for Training Videos

To ensure your training video content captivates and inspires audiences, it's crucial to avoid creating content that they ignore or find uninspiring. By leveraging our creative process, we can maximise viewer engagement and deliver exceptional results.

This meticulous approach allows us to create training videos that educate and entertain, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers. Our commitment to constantly improving and staying on top of the latest trends guarantees that our training videos will remain relevant, engaging, and effective for many years.

Using Creativity for a Training Video

Imagine training videos that are anything but boring. Join us as we reimagine the possibilities. With stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, interactive elements, and personalised learning experiences, we'll transform your training videos into immersive journeys that leave a lasting impression.

By incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, we'll take your content to new heights, ensuring that your audience is educated and entertained. So, let's break free from the traditional and embrace a new era of training videos that inspire, engage, and empower learners like never before. Together, we'll create a training video experience that is truly unforgettable.

Free from Stress Training Video Process

Our process is designed to be simple, smooth, and straightforward from day one. We understand the importance of effective training video production, so we meticulously manage every step of the process to ensure exceptional results. From conceptualisation to scriptwriting, filming to editing, our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality training videos that meet your specific needs.

Throughout the journey, we keep you informed and involved, ensuring your vision is translated into a compelling and engaging final product. Partner with us for a seamless and collaborative experience in creating impactful training videos.

Empower Your Training Video with Us

Our Training Videos service empowers you to transform your essential training materials into a captivating narrative that deeply engages, inspires, and resonates with your audience. With our expertise, your message will leave a lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training videos do you create?

At our company, we have honed our expertise in crafting a wide range of training videos, including orientation, safety, sales, and product demonstration videos. 

How do you ensure maximum engagement? 

Our video creation process involves analysing audience data and gaining insights from it. By taking this approach, we can produce content that connects with our audience, leading to increased engagement and impressive outcomes.

How long does the process take?

The timeline for each project is individualised and varies. We must discuss your specific needs and requirements to determine a more precise timeline for your project.

Why Choose Us for your Training Video ?

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