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Elevate your product's appeal with our impeccable explainer videos. Engage, captivate, and cultivate customer loyalty while expanding your audience. Discover the power of our craftsmanship.

A Powerful and Creative Explainer Video Visual Solution

Immerse your audience in the brilliance of an explainer video - a captivating and concise masterpiece that effortlessly elucidates any product, service, or concept. These animated wonders spark those invaluable 'Eureka!' moments for your target demographic.

With vibrant illustrations or stunning images, accompanied by enchanting music, sound effects, and the soothing embrace of a voiceover or text captions, viewers are granted a comprehensive understanding of the subject at hand.

Introducing the Explainer Video: Simplifying Complex Ideas with Style and Clarity

Explainer videos are videos that explain your business, whether through live-action or animation. They are effective tools for quickly informing and engaging your audience, maximising each viewing experience.

Types of Explainer Video

Storytelling:A powerful story can give a human touch to any product or service. Using visuals and audio, we create short stories that touch the heart of your customers.

Animated Video:We use animation to help bring your vision of the product to life. With creative solutions tailored to the needs of your target audience, our expert team will ensure that your explainer video stands out.

Video Scribe:This explainer video style is perfect for businesses looking to create an informative infographic-style video in an instant. We will take the facts, figures and information about your product or service into a compelling animated explainer video.

Whiteboard Animation:As its name suggests, this style of explainer video uses a whiteboard to illustrate the product or service in question. Our team will use drawings and illustrations to provide an interesting visual narrative for your target audience.

The Art of Crafting Engaging Explainer Videos

1. Designing a Brief

With a clear understanding of the product or service in question, we craft a brief that outlines our approach to creating the explainer video.

2. Researching the Audience

We research your target audience and their expectations from an explainer video. This helps us create an engaging narrative that resonates with your customers.

3. Creating the Content

Our team creates the content based on the brief. This content is then crafted into an exciting story that will captivate your customers.

4. Creating the Visuals

We create the visuals for your explainer video from scratch or use stock footage to create a unique style and feel.

Our creative professionals work tirelessly to make sure that each frame looks perfect.

5. Editing and Refining

Once the visuals are ready, we refine them to create a captivating video that meets quality standards.

6. Final Touches

We add finishing touches to your explainer video with music, sound effects, voiceover or text captions, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

Create an Impression

Unveil your masterpiece to the world. Rise above the clutter and entice your audience with our innovative explanatory films. Our team is here to assist you in crafting unique videos that will mesmerise, involve, and enlighten you. We recognise the significance of making an impact and possess the expertise to construct visuals that will resonate with your audience long after they have watched.

Educate & Engage

Let your product shine at its brightest. Our explainer videos don't just display—they illuminate. They educate and engage, spotlighting your product's unique advantages and ensuring they deeply resonate with your target audience. With our explainer video service, the essence of your product is transformed into an entertaining visual narrative that informs while captivating viewers' attention.

Through a careful blend of information and entertainment—a recipe we've honed over years of experience—we create videos that illustrate product features, stir emotions, and create lasting impressions. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to transform viewers into enthusiasts, customers, and brand ambassadors. Experience a new dimension of product showcasing with Explainer Videos.

Priority Scheduling

We at Explainer-Videos.co.uk understand that time is a valuable asset and quality, a non-negotiable standard. Thus, we assure you of our unwavering commitment to customer service, ensuring that your explainer video is crafted to the highest standards and delivered on schedule.

We prioritise your projects, streamline workflows, and optimise our processes to meet your deadlines without compromising on the video's excellence or your vision. Our team's dedication, combined with a meticulously planned strategy, ensures smooth, prompt productions, resulting in a final product that surpasses expectations and arrives when needed.

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Are you ready to make a lasting impression with your explainer video? Reach out to us today and allow us the pleasure of assisting you in crafting a mesmerising visual masterpiece for your business. Contact us now and discover the transformative power of Explainer Videos in enhancing the impact of your video marketing endeavours. We eagerly await the opportunity to work with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an explainer video benefit my business? 

These videos enhance customer understanding, simplify complex ideas, and increase sales by eliminating obstacles. They are also incredibly efficient, saving valuable time for both you and your target audience.

Explainer videos can also be a valuable internal tool for supporting employees within your company. No matter who your audience is or your topic, these concise 1-2 minute videos, combining visuals and audio, are a highly effective way to rapidly build understanding and keep your viewers engaged.

What styles of animation can be used in explainer videos? 

At Explainer Videos, we specialise in creating explainer videos in a wide variety of animation styles. This includes 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Scribe, Whiteboard Animation and Live Action Videos. We are also able to tailor these styles for different target audiences according to the project requirements.

What is the turnaround time for an explainer video?   

The turnaround time for an explainer video largely depends on the complexity of the project. If you would like to learn more about our delivery timelines, don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email, and one of our staff members will be happy to discuss this with you.  As an average guideline we typically turn around projects within 10 working days.

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